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Access the parts manual for every YAMAHA outboard engine, inflatable and electric engine ever made! Getting what you need is simple:

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YAMAHA Electric Outboards

Now available to order direct!

Yamaha Electric Drives are the most environment friendly way to power your small boat when you’re out relaxing on the water. With these neat units, relaxation is key. There is almost no noise and certainly no exhaust fumes, so you never have to worry about anything disturbing you – or about disturbing anything else, because for keen fishermen and lovers of nature that’s the added bonus: a Yamaha Electric Drive won’t scare wildlife away.

YAMAHA Outboard Engines

Flood Marine Services have been supplying YAMAHA Outboard Motors since the 1970’s and today, are the regions leading YAMAHA Outboard Dealer.

From portable 2.5HP outboard engines to high powered 425HP outboards, YAMAHA have been setting the standard since their inception.

Both two stroke (commercial) & four stroke outboard motors are available to order.