Yamalube marine lubricants are specifically formulated for Yamaha outboard engines and personal watercraft – and tested to levels they would never normally experience in the hands of an owner. The result is a smoother, more confident ride every time you hit the water.

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1L Four Stoke Oil
4L Four Stroke Oil

1L Two Stroke Oil
4L Two Stroke Oil

1L Gear Oil
Gearbox Oil Gaskets
Gear Oil Changing Pump

1L Waverunner Oil
4L WaveRunner Oil

The Yamalube® advantage

Because Yamalube® has been designed by Yamaha’s engineers to work with Yamaha engines it offers a number of benefits over regular, off-the-shelf oils.

Anti-corrosion and anti-rust
Anti-corrosion and anti-rust features ensure maximum protection of the engine’s internal components in the marine environment.

Designed for exceptional engines.
Yamalube® is designed to work under the most extreme conditions – like in the 5.3 litre, 32 valve, Yamaha V8 F350 outboard.

Meets NMMA standards
Engine oils that are NMMA (National Marine Manufacturers Association) Certified meet standards for viscosity, corrosion, filter plugging, foaming and aeration.

Longer engine life
By minimising spark-plug fouling, ring-sticking and pre-ignition, Yamalube® oil protects your engine for longer. 

Cleaner engines
Yamalube® Marine oils offer enhanced cleanliness of engine components, with no sludge produced. Powerful antioxidant action protects and keeps engine parts clean.

Yamaha engineering
Specially designed, tested and recommended by Yamaha to meet the demands of the Yamaha marine engines.

Built for performance

Yamaha marine products are built to the most exacting standards, for the best results in even the toughest conditions. Wanting the best for our products, Yamaha’s engineers found that conventional engine oils couldn’t provide the performance and protection to meet their high standards

The Yamalube® oil series was developed to be the perfect oil for Yamaha’s marine engines and personal Watercraft. Yamalube® engine oils are made from a combination of base oils, additives and solvents, chosen and mixed to work perfectly specifically for your marine product. 

Yamalube® is committed to racing – supporting ten-time Personal Watercraft Champion, Pierre Maixent and other marine racing events. With countless competition victories, Yamaha vehicles have, time and again, proven their class-leading performance and reliability.